Toronto Light festival Features… Milli!

2018’s shiny and colorful edition of the Toronto Light Festival is currently featuring one of the first original Nupanap pieces: Milli!

Milli is humbly sitting alongside a roster of wonderful artists from all over the world, all of which have made this edition of the festival a very special and unique experience that keeps improving and drawing a larger audience every year.

An ode to life in perpetual motion and change, Milli is a multi panel projection featured as a window installation. Projected objects are constantly changing, never repeating in size and shape.

This piece was created with the support and collaboration of DesignbyNuff and Natech.







Shining bright at the Winter Light Exhibition in Ontario Place, Shard is a passive observer and interpreter of its environment. It is and lets be. A conception of winter, this artifact will stand still facing the cold winds of Ontario Place’s waterfront for as long as nature accepts its presence.

Shard is a collaboration between Nuff and Nupanap, conceived by the great artistry of Portferfield Studios in Calgary and the technical know how of @natech_builds. Open to visitors throughout the Winter Light Festival at Ontario Place. Stay tuned for more updates.

Nupanap featured at Montreal en Lumière 2017 with: Curling en Lumière!


A collaboration between  L’Équipe Spectra,  Iregular , Lüz Studio and Nupanap, Curling en Lumière is a futuristic take on the classic curling game! This arcade style installation was set as an outdoor attraction open to the public at the Montréal en Lumières festival 2017. Music and sound effects were done by Nupanap in order to create an immersive experience, combining the elements of an exciting arcade with the precision of a curling game. Overall a great experience!


Nupanap music and sfx on Ludia’s Waldo & Friends!


Released for both iOS and Android, Waldo & Friends is an exciting game that once again brings the magic of Waldo to mobile.  I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the talented team at Ludia in bringing Waldo’s fantastic worlds to life. This project consisted of a full music soundtrack and sound effects throughout the game, representing the multiple and very dynamic environments featured. Awesome game!

Check out Waldo & Friends here: